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A Guide to Choosing your next employer

Do you consider the organization and employer you’d have when applying for the job or you’ve focused only on the role? Well, we’re here to tell you that you should actually look out for certain things before you accept a job offer or even apply. 

Do their values align with yours: This is the first thing you should consider. Think about what the company is about and think about your career goals. Does their vision align with yours? Would your experience at that organization or with that employer matter in a few years from now? If yes, please go ahead and if it’s a no, you might have to reconsider before you apply for the job. 

Are there opportunities for you to grow: Of course, you were employed to apply your skills and use your experience to help them achieve their goals but what about your own goals? It is not enough to just get paid, you want to look back at the time you spent putting your all into that job and see growth. A good employer is concerned about your growth as much as theirs. How do you know? During the interview, ask if they have opportunities for staff growth. You can also check out their current team members. Are there significant changes in their career development since they’ve been working at that organization? 

What kind of team do they have: It’s a good thing Reid Hoffman and Eric Ly created LinkedIn! You can search for past and current team members so you know what kind of people you’d be working with. The truth is an organization is as good as the people that make up that team. Are they thriving in their careers? Do they have good things to say about the organization? Are they showing genuine interest in the organization? You can even reach out to one of the team members to find out what its like working there. 

Interview them too: An interview is one of the best ways to know what an organization is like. If their work culture is terrible, you’d be frustrated. You want to work at an organization that values your time. Did the interviewer show up late for the interview without an apology? How did they make you feel during the interview? Asking them relevant questions would also help you clear out grey areas.

Is there job security: We’re pretty sure you don’t want to have a job that can be taken from you just because the boss has a mood swing. After you get the job, read the contract properly! Are there processes that must be followed before you are laid off? Read the contract carefully and ask questions when you need clarity before you send an acceptance letter. 

We understand the excitement of getting called for an interview or finding a job with good salary benefits but that’s not all you should consider. Understand that you are giving your time, experience and skills from the moment you accept a job offer. Make sure it’s worth it. 

Are there certain factors you consider when applying for a job or before you accept an offer letter? Please share with us! 

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