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A Brave Move From Warehouse to Data

After I graduated from the University, I couldn’t get a job with my degree in Social Science and Economics. I applied for many jobs but I was always getting rejected.

I had to find something else to do since I couldn’t get a job with my certificate.

I got a job at a warehouse and I’ve worked there for 4 years now.

Seeing news and information about tech got me interested in learning to code and build softwares. The world is evolving and tech is a huge part of the changes that are happening in our world today. I already felt like I was missing out because I worked at a warehouse. Its not the life I dreamt of.

Tech seemed accessible. I felt I could get into it even if I had little or no knowledge about how I could go about it.

A year ago, I signed up for a short program to learn about the career opportunities and advancements in technology. It was at this program I heard about data analysis. It was love at first sight!

I started searching for courses in Data Analysis. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the courses I found. One of the platforms I really wanted to learn on was DataCamp.

DataCamp’s website increased my interest in Data Analysis but it all felt like a wish that may not come through because of financial constraints.

One day, I saw a post on social media about the I4GDataCamp scholarship program. DataCamp had partnered with I4G to empower Africans like me with tech skills for FREE? I immediately applied and hoped to be selected.

When I got the congratulatory email, I was excited!

I love that DataCamp gave us tasks and assessments so we could practice what we were learning. Seeing the XPs on the leaderboard kept me motivated to continue even on the days that it was hard to stay motivated. We also had a project to work on. I really enjoyed doing it and even took a step further to create another project on my own.

Since I started learning in the I4GDataCamp scholarship program, I have consistently shared my learnings and progress online to showcase my skills. Two organizations have reached out to me since I started doing this. I had an interview with one of them and….

I have also taken a bold step of applying for a Master degree prorgram in the United States of America and I got admitted.

I feel proud of myself for not giving up despite the rejections I have gotten in the past. I4G has given me the opportunity to get my life back. I no longer feel fear or anxiety about the future instead, I am excited about it.

I also got the Masterclass scholarship and I have been learning soft skills to prepare me for my first tech job. I’m not just hoping I get an opportunity soon, I am also preparing myself for it.

Thank you I4G and DataCamp for giving hope to African youths. I’m glad our paths crossed!


  1. Good morning sir/ma, I’m out of work since March 31 this year,even I got admission into National open university of Nigeria (NOUN)
    Since when my father was demised on August 30 this year things was so hard seriously, please I’m interested in Tech Skills for upgrade myself, please I need a Tech Skills to feed My family ,l will appreciate if my request is granted successful… Regards

    1. User Avatar


      We’re so sad to hear this.

      Please send us an email about this to so, can have a conversation with you.

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