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7 Lessons We Learnt from the Book, Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

We asked our community to tell us the bad habits they were struggling with and top on the list was procrastination so we read “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy in February, 2023. 

Here are 7 key things we learnt during the book review:

1. Plan before you execute

You’ve probably noticed that when you get ideas that excite you, you’re so quick to start executing immediately. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help you get excellent results. Its super important to write down your plans. Have a clear and specific plan on how you want to achieve your goals, doing this helps create a roadmap and keeps you on track because you know what step to take first and take next. We have higher tendencies of procrastinating when we don’t have a plan written down. Start writing your plans before you execute.

2. Prioritize your activities

Sometimes, you could find yourself doing a lot of things but when you reflect on your activities, you realize you’ve not done important work. To help you stay productive, you need to always create a to-do list and arrange them in order of priority. What’s most important and urgent? What’s important but not urgent? What would not affect your goals if you don’t do them right now? What can you delegate? Being able to answer these questions and organize your to-do list accordingly would help you get things done at the right time.

3. Know your “peak period”

Some of us are most active in the morning, some at night and others in the afternoon. When you’re able to identify what time you are most active, you can move your most demanding activities to that time so you’re able to give it your best. Sometimes, we procrastinate because we’re tired, not necessarily because we’re lazy. Know your peak period and do the most important things at that time then move the least important to another time during the day.

4. Think about the good

Procrastination can also be because you’re constantly thinking “what if things go wrong?” While it’s good to consider the risks involved in every decision you make, don’t be a pessimistic person. Think about the possibility of getting what you want. If there’s something you want to do but you’re scared things would go wrong, change your mindset and think “What if it actually works out way better than I imagine?” Thinking this way would motivate you to face your fears. Take that bold step today!

5. Stop waiting for motivation

You need to train yourself to get up and put in the work. Work those extra hours, do the hard stuff, put your best foot forward. For instance, if you get a scholarship opportunity from I4G, you still need to put in the time and effort to complete your course so you are empowered to achieve your dreams.

6. Be disciplined

Nothing great is easy to achieve. It would cost you some extra time, money, resources but you’ve got to do it if you really want to achieve those goals. Turn your dreams to reality by being disciplined enough to get up every day and put in the work. 

7. Actually Eat That Frog

What’s that thing you’ve been running away from? That task you keep procrastinating won’t go away, just need to face it and do it. You can start with the biggest frog, that is the biggest task you’re afraid of. Take some steps and start eating that frog. When you’re able to “eat” one, you’re motivated to “eat” the rest of them. 

If you find this blog inspiring, share it with someone you love! But before you do that, tell us one lesson you found most inspiring 


  1. User Avatar

    The major lesson learned is to prioritize my activities. This has been part of my personal issues, as I always want to do everything at the same time. But this has really opened my mind to task evaluation.


    1. User Avatar

      Yaay! We’re glad you’ve learnt this. It makes us so happy

    2. I really appreciate the lesson 7 because that is what I have found to be very practical especially during my long journey On Data science with python track, even people around got tired of seeing me working and talking about data science but because of my perseverance and focus, I have successfully completed the Data science with python track.
      Thank you so much !!!

      1. User Avatar

        Awww this makes us so happy! We’re so proud of you

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