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6 Non- Coding Roles in Software Development

Coding may translate to tech but it’s already common knowledge that tech doesn’t translate to coding. There are a ton of paths that you can follow to get into tech without learning a single line of code. From Product management to Growth marketing to UI design, the list is endless. However, what you may not be aware of are the non coding opportunities in Software development.
We’ve put together this 6 non-coding roles in software development to give you clarity and help you make a more informed decision

Product Owners:
In simple terms, they are the “voice” of customers. They prioritize customers needs by creating and managing product backlogs. They work closely with the development team to ensure user experience is improved and prioritized.
If you have good communication, analytical and management skills, you’d make an exceptional product owner. Storytelling is also a bonus.

Delivery Manager:
A software delivery manager is primarily responsible for coordinating and managing the entire software development process. He or she oversees a project to ensure its success by coordinating teams, resources, and activities. This has nothing to do with shipping and everything to do with the delivery of projects. You must have excellent people management and communication skills to succeed as a software delivery manager

User Researcher :
If you want to develop a product or software, you need to understand what the user is thinking about. This is where user researchers come in. They conduct researches on the needs of users and pass on their findings to product designers and developers.
The question that’s always on the mind of a user researcher is “How can I improve user experience?”

UI/UX Designer:
UI/UX designers have two things on their minds “solving problems users have” (UI) and “creating aesthetically-pleasing and interactive interface for users” In a single sentence, they make digital products easy for users

Business analysts:
Passionate about businesses and building a tech career? A position that allows you merge these two is business analysis. You’d simply need to analyze systems and processes in a business to identify problems and provide solutions.

Scrum master:
Quite similar to project managers but they lead using Agile project management techniques. A scrum manager makes sure that all processes in the scrum team run smoothly.
Just in case you’re wondering. Scrum is a framework used to develop, deliver and maintain products.

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