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5 Myths About Building a Career in Tech

You’re probably considering a tech career or are currently on the path of acquiring tech skills. Perhaps you’ve been motivated by a tech friend’s creativity, a desire to solve problems, or you just want to increase your source of income. Whatever has aroused your interest in tech, you can do this. There have been so many myths about building a career in tech and you might be holding on to one at the moment. Well, we’re eager to clear the air and replace these myths with facts.

Myth 1: It’s all about writing codes

So many people imagine that being in tech boils down to bending over systems and writing codes. Of course some people in tech focus on using programming languages to solve problems, but there are lots of other fields where you do not have to write codes. In fact, there are skills that you already have that you could use in building a tech career. For example, if you love writing there’s technical writing where you write and put down ideas in a technical manner or technical journaling where you report insightful happenings in the tech world. We have UX designers, graphics designers, product managers, SEO specialists, and the list goes on. It is okay if you do not like programming. There’s a spot for you in tech.

Myth 2: You need to have studied a Computer Science related course to be in tech

Someone out there is wishing they had studied something related to computer science during their undergraduate. Well, the truth is so many people presently in tech have their first degree in something non-tech-related. Basically, with interest and a passion to learn, many online resources are available for you to learn based on your area of interest. There are areas of tech that interweave other fields and your course of study could end up being a bonus. For example, with a public health degree, you can do well in the area of telemedicine which basically is the application of technology to provide medical solutions. You have no limits.

Myth 3: A Career in tech is a straight ticket to earning plenty of money

It is true that the average tech job pays well but doing a few courses and getting into tech doesn’t guarantee you an overweight bank account. Like every other job, it’s a process and you have to up your game consistently and position yourself for opportunities. Also, being in tech is not all about the money. It’s about passion and commitment. So don’t assume all the tech guys you know are just there for the love of the paycheck. On tough days it would take love for what you do to keep you learning and delivering value.

Myth 4: You’ll be on the computer, working all-day

Some jobs in tech require you to work long hours but a lot of people work on a part-time or contract basis and spend less time on the computer. A perk about a tech career is that many times it’s flexible enough to allow you to fit other things into your work schedule and create time for the things that matter.

Myth 5: It’s a man’s world

There are a lot of women breaking barriers in tech. There are definitely more men than women in tech but our community and many individuals and corporate bodies are working hard to change that narrative with our yearly sponsorships for women to undertake various high-profile tech courses. The tech world doesn’t have gender limits and there’s enough space for women as well as for men.

So, here you go. I hope you’re more enlightened and receive value, and If you’re considering a career in tech then welcome to the club.

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