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10 Things I Learnt from the Book, Keep Going by Austin Kleon

Blessing Abeng, co- founder at Ingressive For Good, read the book Keep Going, 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad. Following her 10 of her takeaways from the book

1. Pay attention days: Spend your days wisely.

There’s so much in your life that you cannot control but one thing you can control is how you spend your day. You can choose what you do with your day and how hard you want to work on whatever you choose to do. It is days that make years, so focus on using your days in a way that you are proud of.

2. Make lists: we can’t trust our memories. 

Make a list of things you want to do, your goals, whatever you can that is important to you so you don’t forget. This is why to-do lists are important as well. It centers you when you feel lost. A list is a collection with purpose. It helps you reflect, remember and unburdens your brain.

3. Learn how to say no:

Not all opportunities are for you. Not all money is good money. Not all jobs are good jobs. Learn how to say no. No is a complete sentence

4. Prioritize Doing not just Dreaming:

Do. Show up. Do what you need to do. Do the work. The results will show. Don’t wait for someone to give you a job before you do the work, else you might never do the work at all. Don’t wait for someone to call you a techie before you practice your tech skills, else you may never make it in the tech industry.

5. show your work: 

Don’t only do the work, show your work. Talk about the work you’re doing, showcase it with pride.

6. Ignore the numbers: 

When you share on social media, don’t be too focused on likes, retweets, etc. There are some things that cannot be measured. Put your work out there and it will speak for you.

7. The ordinary + extra attention = extraordinary: 

Give extra attention to things/skills you have. You have everything you need.

8. Pay attention to what you pay attention to: 

Your attention is valuable and that’s why everybody is fighting for it (Instagram, Facebook, Google, Apple, TV, Billboard, Brands, everybody). So protect it. Choose what you focus on and surround your mind with the things that add value to you.

9. Find time to rest:

Every other animal is smart enough to sleep. Why not you? You’re smart, sleep. It tidies your brain. It takes away toxins. It refreshes you.

10. Leave things better than you find them

Leave things, people and environments better than you find them. Make things better.

Which tip is your favorite?

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