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10 Takeaways From Our IG Live Series with TeamApt

We had 4 Instagram live series with TeamApt, a fintech company focused on providing payment solutions and making business easy for African companies. During the live sessions, we spoke with 4 of their team members about their journey to building successful tech careers. 

We had Didi Uwem, Head of Marketing, Temitope Akintola, Software Engineering intern, Damilare Ogunnaike, Product Manager and Leslie Isah, Creative Designer at TeamApt. 

Here are 10 key things we learnt during from their sessions;

1. Challenge yourself

Temitope is an English language graduate who joined TeamApt as a customer success representative. She got interested in software development and decided to pursue a career as a software engineer. She allowed herself to do something she had never done before. Even if she didn’t have the knowledge, she was willing to take some time off to learn. She is now back to TeamApt as a software engineering intern and building a successful career.

2. When it gets tough, don’t give up!

Leslie started a design company that failed after 10 months! He didn’t give up on his career, instead he went back to freelancing as a designer and has since gotten opportunities to keep building his career. He is now a creative designer at TeamApt and has designed some of the most amazing products the company has created.

3. Community is key

Making a decision to pursue her interests in software engineering came with its challenges but Temitope had a community that encouraged her in the low times. In her words “There have been days when I wasn’t motivated, but I had family and friends that kept encouraging me to believe in myself and do more” With I4G, you have access to a community of techies you can learn from and grow with. Join here

4. Use feedback to grow

When Damilare started his product management career, it was difficult for him to communicate effectively with his team members but because he was willing to accept and make use of the feedback he got from colleagues, he has been able to learn vital skills he didn’t have when he started. 

5. Priortitize You

When we asked Damilare and Leslie how they are able to stay creative, they both talked about the importance of taking breaks. Avoid the messiah complex where you think you can solve everything. It’s okay to get someone to take up certain aspects and work on it with you. 

6. Think Value

Whether you’re a data scientist, product designer, product manager, software developer or a digital marketer, there is a product or service you are providing for others. You need to always keep the needs of your clients in mind. Think about how your work would impact them. By doing this, you’re able to provide the best possible solution to the problems they have and this would make your work impactful.

7. Quality over Quantity

The opportunities Leslie and Didi have gotten so far have been from one referral to another. You can only get referrals when you do good work. Referrals are one of the fastest ways to get more opportunities. Put your best effort into any job you get. Let your work speak for you!

8. Everybody deals with Imposter Syndrome

No matter how skilled you are, you will face fear and imposter syndrome often but what you do when it happens is what’s important. Temitope said she speaks with colleagues to help her understand the problem and know how best to deal with it. Damilare said he takes a break or sleeps to recharge. He also seeks help instead of trying to figure everything out on his own. Don’t let fear prevent you from doing what you need to do. You’re good enough! Believe in yourself. 

9. Share Your Journey

Sharing your skills and knowledge makes it easier for you to get opportunities. It’s a way to let people know what you can do. When he started his design career, Leslie had a YouTube channel where he shared the things he was learning. He was able to get more opportunities as he grew because he put himself out there.

10. Be Confident

You are your only limitation. There’s a place for you in tech and you can learn anything you put your mind to. If Didi could go from being a microbiologist to learning how to become a digital marketer, Temitope could start a career as a customer success representative and start building a career as a software engineer in the same company, Leslie could get back up when his design company failed and keep pushing despite the difficulties and Damilare could transition from being a software developer to building a successful career as a product manager at a top company like TeamApt. You can do it too!

Which of these IG live sessions have you watched? Share something you learnt.

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