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At I4G Circle, we want to Help others (beginners, enthusiasts, entry-level, experts in the tech space) by Adding value to their lives, creating Connections, and to Keep growing as individuals. We are here as ambassadors to see that through.

We are a catalyst to help our community grow and learn. Our first responsibility is to help others and show that we care. We are going to have soul-filled events, training, and meetups. We will connect to our community members and not discriminate against anyone. And to ourselves, to grow and become better versions of ourselves. We will make the African tech ecosystem better. We will create positive changes and are not afraid of taking up tasks and challenges to change the status quo.



The community does not belong to you and I. It does not belong to anybody. We will experience a community of individuals who have become a better version of themselves through technology and are using technology and the community to make an impact and influence others.

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As ambassadors, we are leading by serving. We will;

  1. Understand what individual problems our community faces.

  2. Pick team members that align with our vision.

  3. Make the community a safe place for people.

  4. Communicate with the community members and help foster personal connections.

  5. Increase awareness and activities to help your community members grow.

According to Adewale Abati, People usually join the community for 2 reasons;

  1. To grow themselves and become a better version of themselves.
  2. Make an impact and influence people in their community.
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