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Blessing Abeng I4G Press Kit

Blessing Abeng is a branding and communications expert dedicated to helping brands identify and communicate their value and identity. She is the Director of Communications at Ingressive for Good

Haneefah Abdurrahman I4G Press Kit

Haneefah Abdurrahman Lekki is best known as a tech community builder passionate about the improvement of tech communities in Africa.

Maya Horgan Famodu I4G Press Kit

Maya Horgan Famodu is MD at Ingressive Capital, a $10 Million VC fund targeting early-stage startups across Sub-Saharan Africa’s key tech markets. She is the Cofounder of Ingressive for Good

Sean Burrowes I4G Press Kit

Sean J. Burrowes is an operations management expert, passionate about building economic bridges between the African continent and its diaspora. He is the Cofounder and COO of Ingressive for Good

Ingressive for Good Press Kit

Ingressive For Good is a nonprofit organization with the mission to create and increase the earning power of African youth through tech training and resources for the growth of the…

Bolatito Akanbi I4G Press Kit

Bolatito Akanbi is a brand identity designer, passionate about creativity and its various forms of expression. He is the head of design and a program coordinator at Ingressive for Good

Oluwaseun Dabiri I4G Press Kit

Oluwaseun is a multi-talented professional whose skills cut across tech and arts. He has a background in software development, musicology and music technology. He’s passionate about building products that are…

Adedolapo Lawal I4G Press Kit

Adedolapo Lawal is a community enthusiast who is dedicated to ensuring the success of mission-driven organizations. She is a Program Intern at Ingressive for Good, a nonprofit organization with the…

Fawzyyah Danmole I4G Press Kit

Fawzyyah Danmole is one part content creator, and one part tech community builder with a knack for creating content that’s not just valuable and fun but also focused on building…

Dami Mojid I4G Press Kit

Dami Mojid is Visual/Graphic Designer. He comes from an 8-year design history with experience in brand design, brand strategy, editorial design, design for advertising, marketing communications, graphic design and Illustration.

Oluwatosin Oyegoke I4G Press Kit

Oluwatosin is a creative designer who specializes in helping brands increase visibility by creating eye-catching designs.

Abdulwasiu Tiamiyu I4G Press Kit

Abdulwasiu is a data analyst with over 2 year of data related work and experience. He loves transforming raw data into actionable insights, helping individuals and organizations grow accustomed to…

Damilola Adebusoye I4G Press Kit

Damilola Adebusoye is a writer and content developer who is passionate about helping brands create publicity and communicate insights, and narratives through purposeful writing.

Temilola Otunla I4G Press Kit

Temilola Otunla is a communications strategist who helps brands connect and build relationships with their clients. She is passionate about personal development, young people and the future of Africa.

Kamaldeen Kehinde I4G Press Kit

Kamaldeen Kehinde is a community organizer whose expertise and work is rooted in providing technical guidance, mentorship, community support and facilitation to help evangelize the importance of tech innovation across…

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