Our Future

I4G STEM for Kids

Africa has a demographic advantage that makes it very likely to have the largest working population in the world. Africa has a potential. A potential to have the one of the fastest growing economies in the world. With 80% of the fastest growing industries and occupations requiring the knowledge of science and mathematics, Africa can only tap its potential if it invests in STEM education for the young.


Investing in STEM education for young children will further increase the numbers of people involved in tech and hence, the rate of unemployment in the closest future.

With your contribution and the contribution of your friends, let’s give kids an opportunity to STEM


  • Relevance and Job ReadinessYou will learn skills that will keep you relevant in the workplace by being able to positively impact culture, mindsets, attitudes and behaviours throughout the organisation. It will also make it possible to get jobs and ace your interviews.
  • Growth FocusedMaster the skills needed to grow in the career you want. Based on soft skills requested by global employers.
  • Free CertificationThe average soft-skills training cost a lot, but we're offering it to you for FREE