Our Circles

I4G Circles are communities in cities and campuses all over Africa made up of Young Africans passionate about Tech and leveraging it to solve problems.

More People

More impact

One action can create a ripple and that ripple can go on to change the world, imagine what a hundred ripples would do. Let’s create ripples and change the world.

Become an Ambassador

Ambassadors get to access benefits and many personal growth opportunities as they proceed in their careers. They get to build and lead a tech community on their campuses.

Hack for Growth

I4G Community challenge is a quarterly challenge of coding/design to help new programmers/designers work on solving local challenges within their community.


HackFest is a one-day virtual festival with a focus on Talent placement. It’s going to include Lectures, workshops, Job hunts, Hangouts, and I4G announcements.

Get Involved

Want to help others, add value, connect and keep growing while fueling your tech passion?