Digital Identity Transformation

Over 80% of Fortune 100 companies conduct hackathons to drive innovation. Ingressive for Good will be conducting a Hackathon in partnership with Seamfix. This is the right time to drive sustainable innovations and build projects that address pressing real-life problems and internet security issues.

It will run for over 72 hours, where African techies collaborate and build proofs of concept and minimum viable products (MVPs) for a specific pre-defined problem or simply innovate.

The Issue

When historical transactions or account owner identity is to be made, brands and businesses in the payment space are faced with not being able to retrieve such information which results in delayed transactions, waste of time and loss of money.

Application Closes   Fri, 4 Nov   11:59 PM


Ingressive for Good is a non-profit organization launched to address the glaring inequalities within African tech ecosystems. Our mission is to empower young African tech talents in need, to reach full potential through learning and the power of work. We do these in 4 ways – Microscholarships, Technical Training, Talent Placement, and of course community – I4G circle.

Hackathons have long been staple events in the Technology Industry since the late 1990s. A Hackathon is an intense event that brings together computer programmers like software developers, graphic designers, and user interface specialists along with industry process experts and professionals to identify issues and create software solutions, usually within a weekend.

The I4G Hackathon is brought to you by Ingressive For Good in partnership with Seamfix (Verified.Africa). The Hackathon brings together Techies across Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa including developers, engineers, students, designers, idea generators and other stakeholders in the Tech space to drive sustainable innovations and build projects that address pressing real-life business problems and social issues. It will run for over 70 hours where African techies will collaborate and virtually build proofs of concept and minimum viable products (MVPs) for a specific pre-defined problem or simply innovate.

The Hackathon participants are a broad, diverse community of technology enthusiasts, programmers, developers, system testers, UI/UX designers, society activists, industry leaders, government representatives, technologists, journalists, academics, volunteers, and creatives from Africa. You too can be a part.

This year’s Hackathon will be virtual and held from the 5th-7th of November. A combination of several tools will be used to streamline the collaboration between participants, facilitators and mentors. In lieu of this, a series of orientation sessions will be organized to familiarize each group of stakeholders to ensure they are abreast with all the tools and well prepared for smooth production.

  • Participants will be required to sign up for the hackathon individually.
  • Participants are required to be 18 years and above. Should a participant be below 18 years, they will require parental/guardian consent to partici
  • After successful registration, Participants will be sent an onboarding email including a link to the slack channel. We encourage participants to start forming teams as soon as they join the channel and recommend diversity to allow for skills balance. Have a skill blend with good presentation skills, business acumen, a front-end developer/ UI/UX, etc.
  • Team Formation closes Saturday, 5th 4 PM WAT.
  • You can choose to participate alone (we discourage this) or in a team. Teams cannot have more than 4 members.
  • Should you require any assistance, email:

Registration ends on Fri,4  Nov 11:59 AM. Kindly plan to register at least a day before closing.

The team that develops the project is the owner of the project and IP. We do encourage sharing of code with others in the community or making code open source, but it is not required to participate in the event.

This is a very hands-on and grassroots event. Ensure you have a laptop, smart phone, strong internet connectivity to whatever inspires you but your energy and your brain! Do not worry if you forget something, there will be tons of stuff to do.

  • We provide cash prizes thanks to our sponsors!
  • Roadmap For Winners
  • Innovation Highlights

To join as a volunteer, send an mail to

You are required to submit your solution by 11:59 PM on Mon, 7 Nov.

No, we do not offer any reimbursement for data.

We are constantly working to advance access to resources and opportunities for all our members. It will be amazing to have you be a part of our community. Register here to be a member.

Absolutely! Contact us about becoming a sponsor via