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The types of events we can have are:

  • Study Groups/Peer-to-Peer Training: This is a focused learning experience for a small group of participants. The aim is to provide quality tech training for your community members. A minimum of 10 participants can be in a training session. It can take place virtually or physically.
  • Events/Meetups: Events will be in-person or online events with 25 or more participants focused on impact or a technical skill set. Here, we will have mentors and thought-leaders in the industry to have high-impact sessions and webinars.
  • Meetups are basically a get-together setting for your community members. It can be a get-to-know each other session.
  • Workshops: These can be defined as sessions where specific technical concepts are discussed. There would be exercises for your members to practice within an allotted time.
  • Webinars: We will have mentors and thought-leaders in the space to have sessions with the community where they can touch on topics and pain points.



You need to be able to determine your speakers/ trainers. Most of the time, the go-to speakers are already in your communities. They are those that have a lot more experience in the technical world. You might want to be on the lookout for those.


At the same time, you can reach out to speakers outside your comfort zone. #techtwitter lol. When reaching out to speakers like that, keep in mind:

  • Will they educate and inspire your community?
  • Do they have the right skill to create excitement for your crowd?

It is always better to know somebody connected to them. Leverage I4G HQ if there is no other way. We would help link you up.

Get email templates here.


Venues set the zone for your community members. It is important to get a venue that works well for your events or training.


  • For physical events, you might want to look at classes or lecture rooms in your school. Electricity is important as well.
  • For online events, you can have your training on either WhatsApp group, slack channel, or Telegram group. Meetups or Workshops can be held in the Zoom meeting room, Google meet, or Microsoft Teams.
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