Your First 6 Months

We created this roadmap to help Lead and Co-Lead Ambassadors make the best use of this opportunity. This roadmap is not set in stone. Feel free to mix and match and do what works best for you, your team and your community.

Month 1


  1. Create your core team members. See how to here
  2. Create all the necessary tools for your circle. See how to here and make sure to follow the guidelines.
  3. Host an Info session: Let your community know about I4G. You can host it like a webinar. See the step by step process on how to host an event.
  4. Target to bring in 50 new members and ensure they find value in what you present.
  5. Create the awareness around your institution, physically and virtually.
  6. Host your second event on the current tech trend in your environment or the world as a whole. [Ensure they align with what I4G stands for]
  7. Submit your pre-event and post-event report.
  8. Get the feedback from your community members and event attendees on their opinions and what they will like you to implement going forward.
  9. Commence your first article by highlighting your achievements, challenges, what you got right and how I4G can come in to support. (Keep in mind your article can be about anything else in Tech)too

Month 2


  1. Have an extensive discussion with your core team members on the responses gathered from the previous month and act on your resolutions.
  2. Prepare to host your first event of the month, get the flyers ready at least a week before they can be approved and fill out the pre-event form.
  3. Ensure to extend your awareness to other departments across your institutions. You can leverage your student adviser to request the event venue from the school administration.
  4. Plan to host a bootcamp session as your next event. Task one of your technical team members to set-up a session.
  5. Use the bootcamp as your next event and submit your event form.
  6. Include your achievements, challenges from the second month in your already started, quarterly article.
  7. Get all your community members to subscribe to your newsletter.
  8. Don’t forget to post on your Twitter and Instagram accounts as well.

Month 3


  1. Plan based on the responses received from your community members last month.
  2. Collaborate with other existing tech communities like GDSC, Microsoft Student Learn, and Github Campus Expert. Ensure your logo is on the event flyer if you will partner with them.
  3. Your second event of the month should be a technical session. Discuss with your technical leads on how to host a successful session.
  4. Fill in your post-event form.
  5. Remember to include the reports in your quarterly article.
  6. Ensure you submit it early for it to be reviewed.
  7. Share resources and opportunities from the HQ with your community members via your chat platforms and newsletters.

Month 4


  1. Reach out to fellow ambassadors in other institutions from your country and other countries to host a joint event.
  2. Ensure to design your flyers according to set rules.
  3. Plan a non-technical session for your second event of the month.
  4. Reach out to established individuals to attend your event.
  5. Strategise with your team on how to participate in the ongoing I4G challenge.

Month 5


  1. Have a mid-session event with enough PR to bring about more awareness of I4G on campus. Partner with department presidents to achieve this.
  2. Ensure to speak about your achievements so far being ambassadors of I4G and invite some of your members who have benefited from our programs to speak of how they are doing with respect to the skill gained.
  3. Host a bootcamp session on product design for ladies, reach out to I4G to request an alumnus or find a volunteer from your community.
  4. Remember to fill your post-event form and reach out to the rest of the I4G team for assistance.
  5. Fill in your achievements, challenges, and progress in your monthly report. 

Month 6


  1. Host another technical event, preferably hands-on. Reach out to experienced individuals in tech to facilitate the session.
  2. Ensure to fill your event forms and follow the design guide.
  3. Partner with other ambassadors to host a non-technical event.
  4. Actively relate with your community members via WhatsApp, Telegram and also your newsletters.
  5. Finish up your monthly article by highlighting your progress and ensure to submit in time for review.
  6. Submit the database of your community members together with the quarterly article to have them join the I4G circle.

Keep in mind

This onboarding resource will be regularly updated. As we grow, each resource will be updated with new information. Make a habit of checking this resource page once a week; it will serve as a refresher.

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