Volunteers can be a huge contribution to the success of your community. They majorly help on the day of your events or training. Acknowledge their efforts! 

State the goals you want your Volunteers to achieve. Examples of such goals are:

  • Support your team with your monthly events
  • Create more advocates and supporters for your circle
  • Generate awareness around your programs and events
  • Provide Tech Training for your community members



Volunteer service benefits not only you being helped by the volunteer but also the individual volunteering. Volunteer service looks great on resumes when it is connected to career fields. Communicate this to your Volunteers.


How to get Volunteers

  • Depending on the tasks you need help with, ask your most engaged community members.
  • Understand their needs; Are they tied to your community goals and mission? Are they looking for opportunities to meet and network with people? Are they in search of skill-building opportunities?



You can choose to have a Volunteer Manager amongst your Team. He/She will be responsible for recruiting and managing your volunteers.