Our Values and Mission

What we live by

We live by our values. Our values are our standards and ideals that enable us to build strong communities across Africa. When representing I4G Circles, please keep these values in mind:

 Help others

Add value


Keep growing


Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to Inspire, Empower, and Connect African Youths in Tech.

 Our Vision is to be Africa’s largest and most engaged student Tech community in 5 years with over 1 million community members.

It’s bold and audacious, but we believe this can be done with you. You are vital to this goal and this is an opportunity to be a part of something big while making an impact.

Questions you begin to ask yourself:

  • As an ambassador, how do I inspire my community members?
  • Ingressive For Good offers free tech training to my community members; what can I do to further empower them?
  • I am responsible for the growth of my community, where and why should I foster connection?

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