About your role and I4G


Ingressive for Good is a non-profit organization launched to address the glaring inequalities within African tech ecosystems. Our mission is to empower young African tech talents in need, to reach full potential through learning and the power of work. 

We do these in 4 ways – Microscholarship, Technical Training, Talent Placement, and of course community – I4G circle. This is where you come in.

I4G Circles are communities in cities and campuses all over Africa made up of Young Africans passionate about Tech and leveraging it to solve problems. 


Mission: Inspire, Empower, and Connect African Youths in Tech

I4G Ambassadors are the individuals who lead I4G Circles across various institutions/cities all over Africa passionate about building the tech communities on their campuses and in their cities. They work together to build an active community of tech enthusiasts, by doing what they can, to create a positive experience for all members. You get the opportunity to discover many personal growth opportunities as you proceed in your career. Plus you get to build a tech community on your campus.

There will be only 1 Lead Ambassador per school and one I4G Circle per school. Ambassadors will have to apply to be leaders and if leaders already exist within a school, they will be referred to them and suggested as team members/team ambassadors. 


Naming your community

To name your community, you will add your cities/campus as a suffix to “I4G” e.g: I4G UNILAG, I4G Lagos


Lead Ambassador

Lead ambassadors handle major communications, activities, or other operations for their schools. There will only be one lead ambassador per school. They will be required to work with one co-ambassador (a deputy leader, helping the ambassador achieve community goals) and team members (a group of individuals responsible for specific departments eg. Finance, Partnerships, etc.) in their school. There can only be a maximum of ten team members. Any extra hands needed will be added as a Volunteer.


Co- ambassador

The role of the co-ambassador is to be a deputy leader assisting the lead to achieve community goals in your school. 


What we live by

We live by our values. Our values are our standards and ideals that enable us to build strong communities across Africa. When representing I4G Circles, please keep these values in mind:


Help others

Add value


Keep growing