How to run a Successful Event




We mentioned earlier in this learning resources, the different types of events, how to get speakers, and how to set the tone of your events with venues/platforms.

Now, you want to organize an event and you definitely want to create the best experience for your community members.

Remember, every ambassador is required to have at least 2 events every month. 


In this process, we’ll use your first “Kick Off event” as an example;

 1. Define your “Why?

 Every event has a purpose, you must be able to outline what this is and what you hope the outcome will be.

 Kick Off Event is an intro event planned by the Ambassadors for the community. This event is open to everyone in my school. 


 2. What will your event entail?

What are the topics you’ll be talking about. 

Who are your speakers? 

What is the agenda of the event?

What platform/venue will be used?

The Kick Off Event will be held for 2 hours. We will discuss; I4G Circles, what they stand to gain in the community(Studygroup, Mentorship, Monthly Challenge, and a community driven by H.A.C.K), introduce them to the ambassadors of their school. We will hold a Q and A session and invite them to our Whatsapp group and to join the community by filling the form.


 3. Create a timeline

This will totally help make or break your event. I call this the pre-event phase. Here, you delegate tasks to your team ambassadors as well as give them deadlines.

  • Create a form 
  • Create your digital promotions (designs)
  • Create the broadcast message and include invitation link 
  • Submit your event here for approval
  • Promote your events. Tag I4GHQ in your social media promotions. Create a buzz around your event. You also want to promote before, during and after your event.

 4. What is your budget?

If there’s a budget for this event, and in the case I4G HQ are not sponsoring, you want to actively look for partners and get them involved.


 5. Have a great event!

Remember your Why. Focus on that. Make sure you don’t handle everything alone. Bring your team ambassadors along and connect with your community events


Event Ideas

In a Month, you can divide your events into 2 Sessions: 

  1. Technical Session: This include events about core tech; UI UX, Programming etc
  2. Non-technical Session: This includes having events about the non-technical part of Tech. Skills that every Tech person should have if they want to succeed in their career.



  • Appropriately use your logos. Find them here.
  • We have a paid version for Zoom available for your Events. If you need to access it, include it on “additional information” when filling the form.
  • Events must be properly organized and promoted as an Ingressive for Good (I4G) Circle event. Including all digital promotions and online adverts.
  • Submit your post event feedback here. This form must be filled within 7 days of having your event. You are required to write an article about your event in a google Doc and upload it to the post event feedback form.
  • You can create an official email for your circle. This email can be used to reach out to sponsors, partners and speakers.