How to choose your Team and Volunteers

Team ambassadors

There can only be a maximum of 10 team ambassadors in a school at full discretion to the lead ambassador.  A powerful and successful community operates best when ambassadors work with a team mentality, with each team member filling a needed role. Having a small team to help run day-to-day activities makes building the community manageable and more effective.  Team ambassadors are responsible for specific departments. Such departments include:

  • Finance
  • Social media
  • Partnerships
  • Training 
  • Events/Meetups


Here are some guides in building your awesome team:
  1. Set goals: I4G HQ has a general mission for all communities. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and connect African youths in Tech.  But, each school/city has to have a set of well defined short and long term goals that identify uniquely to your own community. Having goals will set a firm foundation for your team. Celebrate your successes and failures.
  2. Focus on roles: Having a thorough selection can have a long term effect on your goals. So, I will advise you to choose your team members well. Invest in people who have both the personality and qualifications to connect with other team members and deliver results. Value each role, you are free to give them titles to help identify their roles and responsibilities. Define roles but allow for flexibility. How you want to implement structure is up to you.
  3. Embrace diversity: If you want to build a team that’s creative and innovative, the worst thing you can do is stack the team with people who are too similar. Diversify in terms, course, level, gender, etc. A more diverse team creates great ideas and innovation.
  4. Communication: This cannot be over-stressed. Keep a level of transparency whenever possible with all team members. You can create a group for easy communication with apps like WhatsApp or slack. Encourage a culture in which team members keep everyone informed on progress or roadblocks, and provide support and assistance without explicitly being asked.
  5. Preach H.A.C.K: Our values have been carefully chosen for a reason. Help others, add values, connect, and keep growing. These are values that you want to hold amongst your team members. Above all, R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Our advice is to have 10 team ambassadors that make up your core team. Mind you, it’s not compulsory to have up to 10. If 5 volunteers work for you, that’s fine. At the same time, volunteers can also be a huge contribution to the success of your community. They majorly help on the day of your events or training. Acknowledge their efforts!