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  1. Perseverance Mpofu

    I would love to learn more about Data science ,data engineering and data analysis,so l may be able to see the difference among these,l hope this e book has all my answers.thank you so much for helping us with these resources for free.

  2. Ebere Ihearikwa

    I’m grateful to the I4G and the datacamp team for the thoughtfulness to create us an ebook that would guide us on building a career path in data.

    1. @I4G and Olayinke Oke thank you for such a wonderful book. I spent more than a month scouring the internet, reading articles, asking questions and watching YouTube videos, trying to understand the field of Data, the various job roles and the difference in their skills and tools needed. I wish I had seen this book/this book existed when I started my journey. I’d have literally saved myself time and a lot of things. Thanks for the book.

    1. Amarchi

      I’ve always had an interest in a data career but didn’t know how best to get started.

      I guess this book will be of great help in that regard.

      Thank you Ingressive for good for this material you are giving out for free.

    2. Ogunyemi Adesola

      I have just started learning to code and would love to learn Data science as I progress. I hope your book helps as a guide to achieving my goal.

    1. Adugba Urica Kate

      Thank you Ingressive for all you do. I appreciate you all. I’m still confused about tech, lol, but I’m getting there with all the resources and opportunities you’ve been providing. Thank you.

  3. Amah Happiness Nnenna

    I was given an opportunity that I will appreciate throughout my life. You guys have been of great help and learning has been amazing

      1. Joy

        This book is awesome.
        Thanks for the generosity of knowledge..
        Thank you ingressive for good and all the contributors.

  4. Kasham

    The opportunity to take on this scholarship on datacamp has been uplifting and amazing to say the least. Been learning new skills on the platform thanks to ingressive for good. God bless you for all you do for Africans learning tech.

    1. I4G

      Since you have signed up to get the ebook, you will be added to our network and that way, you’d know when the next scholarship opportunity arises

  5. Furaha Mpuranyi Julie

    I am very happy to learn more about data and i will do my best to achieve this goal.Many thanks to ingressive for Good and Datacamp

  6. Agness Hara

    Great learning experience, I can study the material for hours , this will definitely be a good addition to my skill set

  7. Paulina Akobanyam

    I had the scholarship to study data analysis and so far am enjoying the lessons
    Thanks for this material and the opportunity

  8. Mariam

    Hello, how do I get the book?
    And please when next is the data scholarship?
    I got to know about ingressive for good during the last one when the beneficiary was posting.

    1. I4G

      Hello Mariam
      Fill he form and the book will be sent to your inbox. If you have already filled the form, check your spam and promotions for it. You’d also be added to our network after filling the form so you’d know when there’s a new opportunity

  9. Ndifrekeabasi

    Truly insightful and I believe it would be very useful on my and many others Data Science journey. Thank you so much for this

  10. Kingsley Ifoga

    Thanks so much for this. Found the resource very helpful in navigating around available options in Data.
    Please keep up the amazing work, dear I4G Team!

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