I walked hurriedly to the house, my heart beating with excitement. I was almost Jumping as I took my steps. That day was a glorious day indeed. I did it. I mean I finally did it. I created my first web page. It was terrible yes, but I didn’t know that and I didn’t care....
Have you ever found yourself writing the same code repeatedly to achieve the same result as a JavaScript beginner?
I’m making sure not if I should be hyped for this next year so as not to jinx it. I’m pretty sure many people feel that way too, right? 2020 was not what we expected, from the news of the Corona outbreak to the other bad news that came with it.
Starting in programming comes with a lot of emotions - desire, happiness and awe. When certain things happen, you are impressed and curious, all at once - What’s making this or that change? How can I make it better? The feeling is magical and strange at the same time.
The title was the question that kept going through my head the first time I heard the term Containerization. I will demystify what it means and why you should use it as well.
The role of creativity in graphic design education has been a central aspect of graphic design education. Creativity is commonly defined as a 'problem solving' feature in design education. Students of graphic design have to involve themselves in the identification of cultural and social elements.
That’s probably Imposter syndrome, a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their skills, talent or accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.
Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when you send a WhatsApp message or a text to a friend?
This article is intended for budding backend developers on how to get started in being a backend software developer.
The relationship between technology and government is the epitome of a “Love, Hate” affair; so now the world is waiting to see if President-Elect, Joe Biden will be the one to reignite the passion. At one point in time, the US government represented Prometheus, giving the earth the building blocks of world changers like the...
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